‘BOGUS DOCTOR’ Tag awaits 4,500 Medics for not serving rural
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The DMER has come up with a strict rule to ban doctors including MBBS, MD and super specialty who have failed to complete their bond of serving the rural areas and have called such doctors ‘bogus.’ This move comes up with an intention to provide better healthcare facilities in rural areas.

The medical fraternity is opposing this decision stating that the rural hospitals lack proper infrastructures and medical supplies for the doctors to serve. Also calling such doctors quacks is inappropriate as quacks are those who are not qualified to practice medicine. Moreover, they believe that instead of forcing students, the DMER should focus on knowing why students are resisting working in rural areas and work on it.

The details of these doctors will be shared with district-level committees comprising of the civil surgeon and superintendent of police, which are authorized to take action against bogus doctors. The notices have been issued to the students and they have to either serve the bond or pay the penalty for not serving it.

According to DMER data, 780 doctors of Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College, Parel, have not served the bond, while the number is 761 at Grant Government Medical College, Mumbai, 595 at B J Medical College, Pune, 526 at Government Medical College, Nagpur and 485 at Topiwala National Medical College, Mumbai, among other medical colleges...

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