#BackToSchool: Hepatitis, The Silent Killer!
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Nearly 1.3 million deaths occur annually due to viral hepatitis worldwide, with 300 million people living with the disease, unaware of their infection status. Screening and early detection are the only ways to tackle this silent killer, since liver damage in chronic viral hepatitis progresses without symptoms till it reaches the terminal illness stage, as either liver cancer or liver cirrhosis. Vaccination is, however, available for Hepatitis A and B viruses.

Many people mistakenly think hepatitis means viral hepatitis, and that all forms of hepatitis are contagious. Hepatitis can be acute (inflammation of the liver that presents with sickness — jaundice, fever, vomiting) or chronic (inflammation of the liver that lasts more than six months, but essentially asymptomatic) and has many different causes.

Please view the slideshow to know more about its symptoms, treatment options and vaccination protocols.

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/hepatitis/Resources/Professionals/PDFs/ABCTable.pdf
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What does having anti hcv as reactive and viral load test result as "target level not detected " signify.
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Blood sample reactive for the HCV antibody or anti HCV means that the patient have been exposed to hepatitis C virus infection. If a quantitative HCV RNA result is reported as "<15 IU/L," this means that the quantitative test cannot measure the hepatitis C virus. It may mean that there is no detectable HCV RNA at all, but it may mean that the level of virus is just too low for the test to pick it up.
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Any treatment reqd then?
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