Backpain Could Be Pancreatic Cancer's First Sign: Study
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A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that there is a strong link between sitting for long hours, leading a sedentary lifestyle and death due to cancer. Working from home has become the new norm in the pandemic and its different from working in an office.

At home we tend to sit uncomfortably on bed, use unsupportive chairs but infrastructure in the office is set up to support long working hours. So there are few things that one can take care of while working from home like stroll for at least half an hour after work; maintaining an ideal height of computer screen; proper back support on chair.

Back pain could also mean a serious health issue such as pancreatic cancer. A variety of lifestyle choices such as, drinking alcohol, smoking and dietary habits can trigger the growth of cancer. Genetics and family history of cancers also play an important role. The symptoms can be as mild and generic like abdominal pain, weight loss or development of diabetes etc.

There is no reliable test available to diagnose pancreatic cancer in early stage.A minimally invasive procedure known as cholangioscopy which allows direct visualization of the pancreatic ducts is used now. It also helps to prevent the spread of cancer in surrounding organs without undergoing complex biopsies.

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It' s high time we need to work on our central axis ..Root causes of all the ill- health and diseases. What I observed in name of Physical activities and yoga postures We are overusing , miss using and I can say abusing our joints thus we loose elastic property of musculature along with other soft tissues in our body cavities. We need to learn how to erect ourselves i.e extention it' s exactly like a pullyes and strings movement , in any pose these Pullyes i.e joints and musculature like strings must move in one direction and simultaneously that is Physical law. Today' s lifestyle it is not easy because of the exposure we have in name of fitness but not difficult also . As I teach this in my method of teaching but hardness is big obstacle even in children but no other way if we want healthy life..Our ignorance is distorting children health..Shame in us sitting is killing, standing won' t work and keep moving means we have lost physical stability . How restless we are becoming , it' s sad.. We must work on physical stability otherwise mobility has got no meaning. What efforts we need to work on simple poses within for conscious movement of flow of Musculature and it' s direction of forces is the key factor. Last 25 years I am working on this..It' s a beautiful inner feel .... Read more
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