Ban on Public Events Can Reduce COVID Transmission by 24%: L
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A new study published in The Lancet has said that a “ban on public events can bring down the COVID-19 R-value by 24% in less than a month.”

Study looked at the correlation between implementing and lifting non-pharmaceutical interventions like lockdowns with the level of transmission of SARS-CoV-2, as measured by R-number.

Key Findings:

• The measure which had the most statistically significant impact on reducing COVID-19 transmission was restrictions on public events.

• This means, this was the only measure that could significantly reduce transmission on its own without imposing other restrictions.

• For example, the study found that other intervention like orders to stay at home or shut offices and schools worked best when they were implemented together.

• Lifting of bans on gatherings of more than ten people and re-opening of schools were found to be most strongly associated with an R-value increase of 25% and 24%, respectively, after 28 days.

• Lifting bans on public events increased R by 21%, removal of internal movement restrictions by 13%, and removing stay-at-home orders increased R by 11%, they added.

• Banning public events reduced R by 24%, while school closures brought it down by 15%, workplace closure by 13%, restrictions on internal movement by 7%, and stay-at-home restrictions by 3%, the study says.

• According to the authors of the study, public events are more likely to be super-spreader events where many people can get infected.

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