Ban on new pharmacy colleges for five years: Pharmacy Counci
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The Madras High Court was on Monday told that the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) had imposed a moratorium on the opening of new pharmacy colleges throughout the country, except the northeastern region, for five years from the year 2020-21 since there were enough degree and diploma holders in the field.

The submission was made in the wake of a tussle between degree and diploma holders in the subject is being considered for the post of a pharmacist in government service. The court on Monday called for all relevant records to find out what the other avenues available for degree holders were apart from the post of a pharmacist.

A Division Bench of Justices S. Manikumar and Subramonium Prasad sought details while passing interim orders on a writ petition filed by a degree holder, who accused the State government of appointing only diploma holders to the post of pharmacist much to the disadvantage of the unemployed degree holders.

The court was told that the Pharmacy Council on Wednesday wrote to Chief Secretaries of all States, except those in the northeastern region asking them not to grant permission for any new pharmacology college for the next five years since there were enough number of degree and diploma holders across the country.

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A very Brave and Maybe necessary Step. A Pragmatic Viewpoint is necessary to ensure Good employement opportunities for our Respected Pharmacist Colleagues.
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Good for the unemployed. Should Dental council take asimilar step?.
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It should also b done for new MBBS colleges
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