‘Bats spread coronavirus, but don’t get infected’: Researche
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Bats which are rumoured to be the cause behind the Covid-19 pandemic have a remarkable ability to ward off the dangers of the virus, says the study conducted by the University of Rochester.

According to the researchers, the single most important reason behind the rock-solid immunity of bats to the deadly viruses is their ability to control the body inflammation.

Incidentally, over-inflammation has also been found as one of the main reasons for the high casualties among the Coronavirus patients.

But unlike humans, bats maintain a perfect balance between the immuno-response to the virus and at the same time reduce the multiplication of the virus in their bodies.

According to the researchers, one of the reasons for the perfect immuno-response of the bats is their ability to fly. Being the only mammal which can fly, the bats get used to sudden ups and downs in their body temperature and other sudden metabolism changes. This helps their bodies to mount a resistance against the virus, the research explains.

Another reason is bats are constantly exposed to varied kinds of viruses and pathogens and their immunity system is in a never-ending-war with different kinds of viruses and provides very strong immunity, the researcher says.

The researchers hope that their study would help the scientific community analyse the immuno-response of the bats and find ways to develop therapies which could help humans to fight against such diseases in the future.

Source: https://www.financialexpress.com/lifestyle/science/bats-spread-coronavirus-but-dont-get-infected-research-on-bats-provides-valuable-clue-to-treating-covid-19/2021662/
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