Begg's Revisited: Report of a Case
Begg's technique is based on a unique approach to treat the orthodontic cases by using light forces with the objective of moving the teeth with optimal forces. The foremost etiology of skeletal Class III malocclusion being a genetic inheritance.

Published in the Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society, the authors report a case of a female patient, 12 years and 6 months of age who reported with a chief complaint of the highly placed upper right front tooth. The preliminary analysis was performed and diagnosed with Angle's Class I malocclusion with a skeletal Class III.

Begg's appliance (TP) was opted for proclination of teeth and followed by placing of 0.013 copper-nickel-titanium archwires in upper and lower arch. 0.016 AJ Wilcock reverse curve of Spee were placed in upper and lower arches subsequently.

Proclination of the upper anterior teeth due to uncontrolled tipping significantly improved the facial profile, improvement in upper anterior crossbite with adequate overjet and overbite were obtained.

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