Bengaluru based firm gets USFDA nod for medical device that
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Bengaluru-based Organization De Scalene has received clearance from the USFDA and the European Union to licence and manufacture Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon (Shycocan), a device that has the ability to neutralise 99.9% of the coronavirus that might be floating in the air in closed spaces.

• Designed by a team led by Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar said, “Everyone, including the middle class will be able to afford this device. It will be priced cheaper than a smartphone and will be launched at the stroke of midnight on August 15."

• The device is effective in closed spaces of up to 1,000 sq ft or in places up to 10,000 cubic metres, such as waiting rooms, offices, malls and other public areas.

• The device emits photons, which then collide with air particles to emit electrons that neutralise the Spike-protein in coronavirus, even before the virus enters the human body.

• At the moment, the USFDA has given humanitarian licenses to manufacturers and in India, about seven manufacturers have signed up to make the device.

• “The USFDA and the European Union have their own standards and they have put the device through over 26 tests in some of the top labs of their region,” he said.

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Good evening sir, Sir if the device is already well prepared then why should there be till 15 days late to launch it,,because the positive cases may rise in these 15 days know sir???
Jul 31, 2020Like3