Best Child Care Clinic in South Delhi The initial 6 months
Dr. priyanka sharma
Best Child Care Clinic in South Delhi

The initial 6 months are the most crucial time for a newborn baby. For this period, the total exclusion of solid food is one of the basic guidelines that a parent has to follow. During this period, the mother's milk becomes the only source of nutrition for a baby. Breast milk acts much more than just food as it has essential minerals and enzymes that increase the resistance of the body and protects from several health problems. Unfortunately, some women can face difficulties when it comes to breastfeeding their children. This can be due to some medical reasons or due to some other problems. Dr. Promilla Butani is a leading consulting Pediatrician in South Delhi, and has been working in the field of childcare since 1971. Her baby care center in South Delhi provides special service and assistance to young mothers who need help with their breastfeeding problems. From teen counseling to general pediatric, her clinic is one of the most trusted and the best child care clinic in South Delhi. So, if someone is finding parenting a little bit harder than they thought, contact with the best childcare clinic and get the best consultation with Dr. Promilla Butani. Provide the best childcare that the young one needs!

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