Best Practices in Oncology
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Best Practices in Oncology
We, at Dharamshila Hospital, understand the importance of quality in healthcare delivery and therefore, we are commencing a series of articles on "Best Practices in Oncology" that shall highlight the standard practices followed at Dharamshila and these very practices make Dharamshila "A Cut Above the Rest". We are sure that this series shall be very useful for the doctors, clinical administrators and Medical Directors, who can take corrective actions to improve the quality of Healthcare delivery, solely in the interest of Patients.

As we all are aware that Oncology is one of the most complex branches of contemporary medicine, which involves a combination of Surgery, Radiotherapy,Chemotherapy, Bone Marrow Transplant, Rehabilitation and Palliative Care and counseling . Therefore, deciding the line of treatment becomes the single most important factor directly affecting the prognosis of patient.

At Dharamshila Hospital, we have created a clinical body known as "Tumor Board" that consists Onco Surgeons, Medical Oncologists, Radiotherapists, Haematologists, Medical Superintendent,Nursing Superintendent, Public Social Worker, Counselor and other relevant clinicians. Each new case is discussed in detail on a daily basis in this Tumor Board.

The objective of Tumor Board discussions is to collectively decide what all treatment modalities are required considering the condition of the patient.

Generally in Cancer treatment patients require multiple modalities and the board, as per evidence based, nationally/ internationally accepted treatment protocols, makes a decision, what all modalities shall be used and in what order to ensure the best possible outcome.

After detailed discussions the members agree to a tailor made treatment plan and document all the discussions / conclusions. Thereafter, this board issues a unique "Tumor Board Number" for each new patient which is printed on the patient's indoor treatment file. This gives a complete clarity to all concerned doctors about the line of treatment and hence the patients get the best possible treatment.

This entire exercises is a "Gold Standard" in cancer treatment. A lot of institutes have started following it but some might have compartmentalized approach to the treatment. We appeal and encourage to the entire medical fraternity to adopt this process to determine the treatment plan in the best interest of patients.

We shall be happy to assist you if you wish to know more about the subject. Please don't forget to leave your valuable feedback and inputs. Team Dharamshila
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Where is the hospital situated?=
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Dear Sir,, Dharamshila Hospital is located at Vasundhara Enclave, New Delhi, which is very near to Mayur Vihar.
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