Big educational reform: Uttar Pradesh government regularizes
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In a big push to academic reforms, Uttar Pradesh Government has regularised the fees of 13 dental and 23 private medical colleges across the state. As per the new regulations, the fee for medical programmes are:
MBBS- Rs 8.50 Lakh- Rs 11.50 Lakh
BDS- Rs 1.37 lakhs- 3.65 lakhs.
The new fee structure will be applicable for the next three academic sessions 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20.
The government had formed a committee on fee regularisation after receiving several reports from the students regarding some private medical colleges charging the fee as much as Rs 21-23 lakh for five-year MBBS course and between Rs 9-13 lakh for the Dental course. Also, the government has made mandatory that no institution can charge capitation fees over and above the fixed fees.
The Cheif Minister had also recently said that kickbacks involved medical transactions and poor people’s exploitation in name of expensive treatment should stop and plans to start 6 AIIMS like hospitals and 25 medical colleges, to maintain medical services as one of his prime focuses...
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Oh it' s a great relief for all the aspiring students. corruption in seat allotment to undeserving students leads to uninterested students joining the medical profession and leading to poor quality of medical care and education in the country.
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Dynamic personality In this regard jharkhand is one of the worst state in india
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Well done yogiji
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