Bilateral Anterior Opercular Syndrome
Opercular syndrome (OPS) is a rare cortical type of pseudobulbar palsy that is characterized by paralysis of volitional facial, lingual, pharyngeal and masticatory muscles, with preservation of autonomic, involuntary and reflexive functions. OPS also known as facio-labio-glosso-pharyngo- laryngo-brachial paralysis,was first described by French physicians, Foix, in 1926. However, the first case was reported by Magnus (from Germany) in 1837. The lesions are usually located at the anterior part of the operculum, so it is also called anterior OPS.1

Patient Presentation
An 61-year-old right-handed male presented with complaints of inability to swallow and difficulty in chewing, drooling of saliva from angle of mouth, regurgitation of food on lying down and alteration of voice since one and half months. His speech was almost incomprehensible. There was no history of vomiting, diplopia, seizures. He had no past medical history of diabetes mellitus, hypertension, coronary artery disease, benign prostate hypertrophy, tuberculosis. History of bidi smoking was present. The family history was unremarkable....