Bilateral Pleural Effusion after Central Venous Catheterizat
Case report
A 62 yr old man with a 2 day history of severe abdominal pain associated with vomiting was admitted to hospital as an emergency. He underwent an uneventful laparotomy on the same day. The operative findings were a 50 cm section of infarcted terminal ileum and 10 cm of ischaemic terminal ileum in continuity with the caecum. A small bowel resection and a limited right hemicolectomy were done. A thoracic epidural was placed for postoperative pain relief. A four lumen catheter was inserted uneventfully into the right internal jugular vein. A portable anteroposterior chest x ray confirmed the position of the line to be satisfactory and a good central venous pressure (CVP) trace was measured with a transducer. Because this patient had a complex medical history (multiple previous myocardial infarctions and a pulmonary embolus after an inguinal hernia repair), he was admitted to intensive care after surgery. The tracheal tube was removed the next morning and transferred to the high dependency unit (HDU)....