Bilateral Rapidly Destructive OA of the Hip: Could We be Mis
Rapidly destructive osteoarthritis (RDO) of the hip is characterized by rapid joint destruction with no specific underlying diagnosis. Diagnostic protocols and algorithms to rule out other possible causes of the rapid destruction of the hip have not been described. Furthermore, microbiological diagnostic procedures in the medical field have dramatically changed since RDO was first described.

Published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports, the authors present a case of bilateral RDO in a 84-year-old female treated with a bilateral total hip replacement and propose an etiology for this condition.

This is the first case that specifically mentions obtaining cultures intraoperatively as a definitive diagnostic method. It is also a rare case as it describes a patient with the bilateral rapid destruction of the hip joints.

Learning Points:-
• Total hip arthroplasty remains as the gold-standard for treatment of RDO due to clinical severity and radiographic findings.

• All current clinical guidelines do not recommend using a one stage total hip replacement in an active infected site due to high risk of early prosthetic joint infection.

• The evidence of an infectious etiology in all or some cases of RDO would have large-scale implications regarding diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

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