Bilateral duplex collecting system with bilateral vesicouret
A bilateral duplex collecting system is an unusual renal tract abnormality. Vesicoureteral reflux may be associated. We describe a rare case of bilateral duplex collecting system with bilateral vesicoureteral reflux in which the refluxing ureter on the left side drains the upper pole moiety contrary to what is often found.

A 24-year-old married Arab woman presented with ascending left-sided flank pain during micturition. She complained of recurrent urinary tract infections. A physical examination and laboratory tests were normal. Voiding cystourethrography and computed tomography scan detected bilateral duplex collecting system, grade IV vesicoureteral reflux on the left side, and grade I vesicoureteral reflux on the right. She underwent left heminephrectomy and dextranomer/hyaluronic acid injections on the right side. After a year of follow-up, a clinical examination and imaging findings were unremarkable.

Source: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2019 13:128

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