Bilateral ectopic third molars in maxillary sinus associated
Ectopic eruption is a disturbance in which the tooth does not follow its usual course of eruption. A 27 Years old female patient reported with chief complaint of purulent discharge form nose and recurrent facial swelling for last 2 years. She experienced pain over right cheek region which was mild, intermittent and dull- aching in nature, she also noticed salty taste occasionally. She had a history of three-four courses of antibiotics prescribed by physician, but she had no permanent relief.

On clinical examination, mild facial swelling over right middle third of the face extending supero-inferiorly from infraorbital rim to the imaginary ala-tragus line and antero-posteriorly from right ala to body of the zygoma. Mild tenderness was present on palpation. Intraorally, other than missing maxillary third molars, no other significant findings were noted. Orthopantomograph (OPG) revealed ectopic maxillary third molars in the maxillary sinus along with impacted mandibular third molars

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