Bilateral talus and navicular fractures accompanied with uni
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The following case has been reported in the Malaysian Orthopaedic Journal.

An 18-year old male patient, with a history of paragliding accident, sustaining a coronal shear fracture of the body of the talus, an anterior process fracture of the calcaneus extending to the calcaneocuboid joint and a nondisplaced navicular body fracture at the right foot and a displaced fracture of the navicular body accompanied with posteromedial process fracture of the talus at the left side was referred to our emergency clinic.

For the right foot, the coronal plane fracture of the talar body was anatomically reduced and fixed with screws. For the left foot, screw fixation was performed through the lateral aspect to fix the large posteromedial fragment. Small bone fragments were removed from the left navicular fracture, and the main fragments were also fixed with screw.

The talo-navicular joint was stabilised with a Kirschner wire. At 36 months follow-up, bilateral foot and ankle functions were satisfactory, Maryland scores of the right and left foot were 85 (good) and 90 (excellent), respectively, and the patient regained his full activity level by the 5th month postoperatively.

With reference to the number and types of fractures in this one patient, the authors present a standard protocol for treatment of isolated talus, navicular and calcaneal fractures presenting together in a single foot injury.

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