Biological age linked with risk for all-cause, CV death, esp
In this study, Among 2,002 cancer survivors (54% women; 76% white) and 2,002 matched controls (51% women; 56% white), the mean age was 64.7 years. Median follow-up was more than 8 years in both groups. Researchers reported that the percent increase in all-cause and CVD mortality in the highest quartile of biological age compared with the lowest was greater among patients with a history of cancer compared with the matched cohort (all-cause mortality, 189% vs. 119%; CVD mortality, 157% vs. 109%). Among cancer survivors, high biological age was associated with increased risk for all-cause and CVD mortality. Although overall risk was lower, researchers observed a similar association between biological age and all-cause and CVD mortality among matched controls. The association pattern was similar for the matched cohort, although HRs were lower .