Boerhaave’s syndrome: a case report
International journal of surgery case reports presents the case of a 77-year-old man that resorted to the emergency room with dyspnoea and thoracic pain after vomiting. CT scan revealed pneumomediastinum, left collapse lung and loculated pleural effusion.

A left intercostal chest tube was inserted with food drainage. Hence, Boerhaave’s syndrome was suspected. Thoracotomy with mediastinum debridement, pleural drainage and oesophageal T-tube drainage was performed. Patient was admitted on the Intensive Care Unit with septic shock, with need for ventilatory support and vasopressor therapy. Two days later, a second look thoracotomy was done with definitive oesophageal repair and pleural patch. The post-operative course was complicated by pneumonia and stroke. Patient was discharged home on the 38th day and remains well at 3 month of follow-up.

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