Boy born with less than 2% Brain surprises doctors by learni
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Boy born with less than 2% Brain surprises doctors by learning how to read and write
Owing to a rare complication of spina bifida - a birth defect involving the spinal cord - which led to severe hydrocephalus, Noah’s head had filled with liquid and his brain was squashed during the pregnancy.

Noah's parents, Rob and Shelly were advised five times to terminate the pregnancy but they refused despite the risk they faced - that Noah would be severely disabled if he survived the birth.

But not only did the four-year-old survive but also learned how to count, surprising everyone from his parents to his doctors. But more amazing is that his brain is continuing to grow as he grows.

Noah's neurosurgeon Dr. Claire Nicholson agrees when she says, "He teaches the medical profession that you can't ever know." Dr. Nicholson who works at Newcastle's Great North Children’s Hospital, also adds that Noah is a "remarkable child with two remarkable parents."..

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