Bradycardia with syncope in carotid sinus syndrome
Emergencies in palliative care need to be defined by the potential distress that a clinical issue raises for a person. A 58-year-old male with carcinoma vallecula referred for palliative care presented with recurrent syncopal attacks.

On examination, a swelling at the left angle of mandible pressing on the carotid sinus was detected. A clinical diagnosis of carotid sinus syndrome was made, which is an exaggerated response to carotid sinus baroreceptor stimulation and results in dizziness or syncope from transient diminished cerebral perfusion.

Rapid identification and judicious interventions in time (cardiac consultation, intravenous atropine 0.5 mg, and temporary pacemaker implantation) were able to manage a potentially correctable cardiovascular emergency in his case.

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