Brain region found to play a crucial role in weighing inform
Introspection based on the integration of uncertain evidence is critical for acting upon abstract thinking and imagining future scenarios. However, it is unknown how confidence read-outs from multiple sources of different concepts are integrated, especially considering the relationships among the concepts. In this study, monkeys performed wagering based on an estimation of their performance in a preceding mnemonic decision. They found that the longer the response times for post-decision wagering, the more relieved the impairments having been caused by frontal disruption. This suggests the existence of a time-consuming compensatory metacognitive process. They found the posterior inferior parietal lobe (pIPL) as its candidate, which was not coding the wagering per se (i.e., just high bet or low bet), but became more active when monkeys successfully chose the optimal bet option based on mnemonic decision performance. Thereafter, the pIPL prompts the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex to carry the chosen wagering option. The findings suggest a role for the pIPL in metacognitive concept integration.