Brauer Nevus of Eyebrow: A Rare Entity in a 8 year old girl
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Brauer nevus presents as a local circumscribed area of noncicatricial alopecia. It usually involves the frontotemporal scalp and is commonly noticed between 2 and 9 years of age but can occasionally be present at birth. An unusual case of Brauer nevus involving the right eyebrow is reported. Trichoscopy helps to confirm the diagnosis and differentiate this condition from other types of nonscarring alopecias. It is likely that this is a hamartomatous mosaic disorder involving an abnormal epithelial?mesenchymal interaction.

An 8?year?aged girl presented with patterned alopecia of the right eyebrow since birth. There was no history of trauma, traction, absence of skin at birth, or any instrumentation during delivery. The patch had remained static since birth. On examination, there was triangular?shaped sparsening of hair in the middle of the right eyebrow of size 2.5 cm × 2 cm × 1.5 cm with a fringe of terminal hair at the superior margin. There was no scarring, atrophy, erythema, or scaling on this patch. Hair pull test negative. Trichoscopy showed vellus hair surrounded
by a fringe of terminal hair. There were no black or yellow dots, broken hair, or exclamation hair. Her general physical examination and previous medical record were normal. It was diagnosed as Brauer nevus or congenital triangular alopecia.

Therapeutic options for this condition includes surgical excision, follicular unit transplantation, and topical minoxidil.
Diagnosing this entity is important to avoid unnecessary invasive diagnostic interventions and mistreatment with topical or intralesional steroids.