#Breakthrough: Israeli scientists discover monoclonal antibo
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In a significant medical breakthrough, Israel's Institute for Biological Research Institute (IIBRI) have identified an antibody that neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 in vitro or outside of a living organism, a potential treatment for the coronavirus disease, say scientists

Scientists developed it from a single recovered cell, hence, the term monoclonal antibody. This means that the antibody is more potent in developing an effective treatment. To compare, the antibodies that have been extracted across the globe are all polyclonal.

Statement from the Israel Ministry of Defense: 3 key parameters:

1. The antibody is monoclonal, new and refined, and contains an exceptionally low proportion of harmful proteins
2. The antibody is able to neutralize the coronavirus
3. The antibody was specifically tested on the aggressive coronavirus

The team had already completed the developmental phase and is now preparing for the mass-production of the potential treatment after obtaining a patent for the discovery.

Source: https://www.jpost.com/health-science/iibr-completes-development-phase-of-covid-19-vaccine-626913
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It' s been said by one guy only while the ministry claims no such breakthrough yet.
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Let us hope for better results.
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