#Breakthrough: Scientists discover new organ in the throat
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Scientists have discovered a new organ: a set of salivary glands set deep in the upper part of the throat.

The newly discovered set is about 1.5 inches in length on average. Because of their location over a piece of cartilage called the torus tubarius, the discoverers of these new glands have dubbed them the tubarial salivary glands.

The glands probably lubricate and moisten the upper throat behind the nose and mouth, the researchers wrote online in the journal Radiotherapy and Oncology.

Until now, there were three known large salivary glands in humans: one under the tongue, one under the jaw and one at the back of the jaw, behind the cheek.

Beyond those, perhaps a thousand microscopic salivary glands are scattered throughout the mucosal tissue of the throat and mouth, study co-author and Netherlands Cancer Institute radiation oncologist Wouter Vogel said in a statement.

To confirm the discovery, Vogel and his colleagues imaged 100 patients and found that all of them had the newly discovered glands.

They also dissected that nasopharynx region and found that the newfound region consisted of mucosal gland tissue and ducts draining into the nasopharynx.

The discovery could be important for cancer treatment. Doctors using radiation on the head and neck to treat cancer try to avoid irradiating the salivary glands, Vogel said, because damage to these glands can impact quality of life.

But because no one knew about the tubarial salivary glands, no one tried to avoid radiation in that region. The new discovery could thus translate to fewer side effects for cancer patients.

Source: https://www.livescience.com/new-salivary-gland.html
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How are these different from the tubal salivary glands? They were already depicted in the waldeyer' s ring in many texts. Please explain
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Waldeyers ring is involved in lymphatic drainage
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Who has accepted the finding?
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