Breast Cancer Seen as Model for Precision Medicine, Care Dec
Although there is continued debate about how much precision approaches can influence cancer care—with early reports from the NCI-MATCH (National Cancer Institute-Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice) trial showing limited application of genomic results despite a focused initiative (Table)—breast cancer can provide a template for how precision medicine can be applied to improve patient management, according to Steven Katz, MD, the director of the sociobehavioral research program at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer, in Ann Arbor.

In a presentation at the 2016 Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium, Dr. Katz said breast cancer provides a “paradigm for how precision medicine will improve cancer care,” because 75% of newly diagnosed patients have an excellent prognosis, and because precision medicine techniques are more advanced in breast cancer than in some other types of cancers. As a result, quality-of-life concerns can take priority in some of the decision making. He said about 30% of breast cancer patients underwent genetic testing in 2015, up from 10% in 2012....