Breast complaints in children assocated with family history
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A Study was conducted to evaluate the correlation of physical examination, and radiological and pathological findings of children and adolescents with breast?related complaints.
Children and adolescents with breast complaints between were analyzed retrospectively. A total of 118 children and adolescent patients were included. Their ages ranged from 12 to 18 years (median, 16 years).

--21 patients had a family history of breast cancer (17.8%). The most common complaints were pain, mass, and nipple discharge.

--Physical examination revealed mass (41.5%), tenderness (11%), and fullness (8.5%).

--39 patients were classified ultrasonographically with Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BIRADS) 3 and four patients were BIRADS 4 (4%).

--Excision was applied to all patients with BIRADS 4, and 13 of 39 patients with BIRADS 3.

--Pathological diagnosis of the patients with BIRADS 3 were fibroadenoma (n: 12, 92.3%) and benign phyllodes tumor (n: 1, 7.7%).

--In patients with BIRADS 4, three patients had fiboradenomas and one patient had a benign phyllodes tumor.

--No recurrence was observed in any patients who had an excision. Only 6 of the patients with positive family history had BIRADS 3 lesions, and the others were BIRADS 1.

--Excision was recommended in two patients and the pathological diagnoses were fibroadenoma.

Conclusively, in this age group, the most common complaints were pain and mass, while physical examination was normal in nearly half of the patients. All of the pathological diagnoses were benign. While evaluating the patients in this age range, the experience of the clinician and radiologist is important and it is necessary to increase the awareness of the patient and family about physiological breast development and self-breast examination.