British Man Had Covid-19 For 10 Months In a Row, Tested Posi
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More than 290 days. No, this is not how long we have been dealing with a wave or two of the Covid-19 virus, but the number of days that this man from the United Kingdom was Covid-positive for. Dave Smith contracted Covid-19 at the start of the first wave in the UK last year. However, beating all the Covid-related long-term problems people generally face, Dave was living with the virus for almost 10 months, becoming the longest recorded active Covid-19 infection to date.

During his prolonged battle with coronavirus, 72-year-old Dave Smith recorded 43 positive RT-PCR tests and was admitted to hospital seven times.

"I counted them, 43 times. And each one positive, a week later, positive, oh positive. My energy levels went right down. I couldn't lift anything. At one time I coughed for five hours non-stop. I don't mean cough-break, cough-break. I mean cough, cough, cough," Dave said in an interview.

The septuagenarian, recalling his Covid fight, said that there were times when his health deteriorated "down to death's door", prompting his wife to arrange a funeral five times.

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