Bronchodilator response to Albuterol nebulized with hyperton
Asthma is distinguished by bronchial obstruction reversible by bronchodilators. The first-line treatment for asthmatic exacerbations is the use of inhaled beta-agonists, by pressurized metered-dose inhalers or nebulized with normal saline solution (NSS).

A Study was conducted to evaluate the bronchodilator responses (BDR) to albuterol nebulized with 3%-HSS (hypertonic saline solution) in asthmatic children, compared to albuterol nebulized with NSS.

Children with a confirmed diagnosis of asthma with mild or moderate bronchial obstruction were randomized to receive a nebulization with 2.5mg of albuterol diluted in 3cc of 3%-HSS or NSS (0.9%), by means of a jet nebulizer. After 30min, the BDR was assessed.

--50 patients were enrolled; 25 were randomized to the 3%-HSS group and 25 to the NSS group.

--The BDR of FEV1 was 41.2% and 17.3% and of maximum mid-expiratory flow was 130% and 69.8%, for the 3%-HSS and NSS groups, respectively.

Conclusively, Albuterol produces a greater BDR when nebulized with 3%-HSS compared to NSS in asthmatic children with mild or moderate bronchial obstruction.