"Bubble Boy" 49 years later: Look back at heartbreaking case
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What's it like to live in a bubble? For some, this means living a sheltered life. But David Vetter, a young boy from Texas, lived out in the real world - in a plastic bubble.

Nicknamed "Bubble Boy," David was born in 1971 with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), and was forced to live in a specially constructed sterile plastic bubble from birth until he died at age 12.

Today marks what would have been David's 49th birthday. Now, kids with SCID lead normal lives, thanks to therapy made possible in part by David's own blood cells.

At the time of his birth in 1971, a bone marrow transplant from an exact matched donor was the only cure for SCID, but there was no match available in David’s family.

For 12 years, David captured the world’s attention as he lived in protected environments to maintain relatively germ-free surroundings at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Sadly in 1984, four months after receiving a bone marrow transfusion, David died from lymphoma—a cancer later determined to have been introduced into his system by the Epstein-Barr virus.

David's mother believes, and science has stated, that because of what was learned from David’s gallant life and death, many children with SCID have since been diagnosed early, received bone marrow transplants and now lead healthy lives.

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It' s a really a heart breaking tale
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Medicine is all about sacrifice so as to help others in need .
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Medical mane' life is said to be for others and not for self, I sacrificed life is right answer.
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