Buried alive two feet under, miracle girl rises against ‘med
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The baby girl, who survived for more than 48 hours inside a pitcher buried at a cremation ground in Bareilly last month, is out of danger.

Paediatrician Dr Ravi Khanna who is treating the child, told TOI that the child weighted only 1.1 kg when she was brought to hospital on October 10 and her platelet count was around 10,000 against the normal count of 1.5 lakh. “But, now she has gained considerable weight. The baby has fought for her life and now she is out of danger. We have started feeding her from bottle and she may be shifted to a shelter home by the end of this month,” Dr Khanna said.

The girl was found on October 10 when a local family started digging at a ground near the crematorium in the city to perform the burial of their minor baby. They found the baby inside a pitcher kept in a bag and buried about 2 feet deep. The baby was born prematurely and probably buried by her parents as no one came forward to claim the baby even after the story was widely reported in media across the country.

Doctors said that the baby survived approximately 48 hours, using her brown fat also called adipose tissue. “Also, premature babies require less oxygen,” a doctor treating her had told TOI.

“We had to maintain her body temperature continuously as it dropped randomly due to absence of fat in her body but now she has gained fat and her weight is around 2kg. She responds to our staff and takes feed through bottle. She has minor infection in her brain but that is not dangerous as her condition has improved. We are not allowing any visitors to meet her as she might catch infection.

Doctors treating her at a city hospital told TOI on Monday that if she continued to do well, the ‘miracle baby’ might be shifted to a shelter home by month end. Local BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra had expressed desire to adopt her, but he is yet to submit a written application. At present, the treatment expenses are being borne by Dr Khanna.

Local child welfare committee member DN Sharma said that further step about the girl’s future would be taken once the hospital shared update about her condition. Bareilly police is yet to find the accused who buried the girl alive and the case is still under investigation. An FIR under IPC section 307 (attempt to murder) and 317 (e\xposure and abandonment of child under 12 years) has been registered at Subhashnagar police station last month.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bareilly/buried-alive-2-feet-under-miracle-girl-rises-against-medical-odds/articleshow/72011802.cms
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