CNS Metastasis of pediatric Wilms' Tumor: a case report
Published in the journal Urology Case Reports, the authors present a case of an 18 months old boy with Wilms' tumor who developed intracranial metastasis.

A 10-year-old boy underwent left nephrectomy for Wilms' tumor with pulmonary and hepatic metastasis. Treatment after complete resection of the tumor included chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He was referred to Neurosurgery department six months after initial diagnosis. He complained of frontal headache of increasing severity associated with weightiness in the left hemibody.

On admission, his state of consciousness was found to be decreased and he had a left hemiplegia. A cranial computed tomography scan and a cerebral MRI were performed immediately showed a hypodense mass in the right fronto-parietal region with very little edema. After an intravenous injection of contrast medium there was marked homogenous enhancement of the lesion.

A subsequent craniotomy was performed with removal of the neoplasm. Histopathological examination confirmed that it was a metastatic Wilms’ tumor. After the operation, the patient was treated with radiotherapy directed to the whole brain, and additional courses of chemotherapy were given.

On a follow up examination 4 months later, the patient remained clinically stable with partial regression of his deficit and no other associated localization signs.

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