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Zahid Fayaz
The word Corona virus is derived from a Latin word "corona"which means crown or grassland, as it looks like a crown.Corona virus is not a single virus but a family of viruses.There are different types of Corona viruses but the type of virus today we are experiencing is SARS-COV-2,and the disease caused by this type of virus is called Covid-19 because of its origin in the year of 2019 in Wuhan city of China.The pandemic covid-19 outbreak is now seriously gripping the residents of kashmir valley not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well to a great extent.As the number of positive cases are increasing day by day,the prevalence of mental related disorders like depression,anxiety and stress are also in an acceleration mode.I am personally worried about those people having pessimistic thinking who are more susceptible to develop symptoms of depression which might be fatal for them.
The emergence of a novel form of Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Wuhan has created a confused and rapidly evolving situation. Not surprisingly, media are already reporting a substantial psychological impact of both the outbreak and the response. Residents have been comparing the situation to “the end of the world,” hospitals are “overwhelmed” and there are concerns about food shortages.Man is a social animal and social relations and interactions are necessary to his existence. The novel Corona virus and the containment measures posed a challenge to the interpersonal and community interactions that with the social distancing measures and isolation, these social relations became severely impacted. From the human existence, these social connections, interactions and relations have become integral into our life. So, if there is an absence of such connection, definitely leads to stressful states of loneliness, anxiety, depression, mental disorders, health hazards, and many other issues which impact the life of the individual and the collective society as a whole.
So as the believers we need to put trust upon Allah and keep ourself informed and at the same time we need to follow the Govt orders such as social distancing, handwashing and other precautionary measures. Islam being the complete way of life does not leave us stranded at the time of pandemic crisis, instead it shows us how to deal,act and react under such destructive calamities.
Our beloved Prophet Mohammed pbuh said"There is a remedy for every malady and when the remedy is applied to the disease,it is cured with the permission of Allah subhanwatallah".May Almighty Allah protect and cure us from this contagious outbreak. May Almighty Allah protect and cure us before the month of RAMADAN.Ameen!!!!

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Thanks for the complement my dear bestee, it is an honour and blessing to have a friend like u. Stay safe and be alert
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Thanks for sharing knowledge with us
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Great work
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