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Parth Parmar

Just a Jist:

Evaluating Off label use of AMANTADINE as an alternative treatment for CORONAVIRUS infection.

Amantadine is an antiviral medication originally approved for treatment of INFLUENZA caused by the type A influenza virus.
But subsequently, due to widespread drug resistance, it was no longer recommended for use in influenza infections.
Presently it is used for dyskinesia associated with parkinsonism.

The antiviral mechanism of action is antagonism of the influenzavirus A M2 proton channel, which prevents endosomal escape (i.e. the release of viral genetic material into the host cytoplasm).

There are studies recommending the use of AMANTADINE as an effective modality of treatmentand to mitigate the effects for CORONAVIRUS infection.

I have found following studies associated with use of AMANTADINE in CORONAVIRUS infection supporting my opinion.

I completely understand the backlogs and side effect profile of the drug. But I thought this should be in public domain. My intention is not to spread misinformation but to bring literature supporting even the slightest possible probability to prevent and treat the infection, when the health system is at it's edge.

Following are the studies that I have found on internet.





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