COVID-19: A Turning Point in Geopolitical Events
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COVID-19 has not just affected religious events, sports and the entertainment industry, it has even affected geopolitical activities drastically. These have been arranged virtually or in some cases even suspended amidst COVID-19 keeping in mind the safety and security of politicians and bureaucrats.

Up to 2014, Russia was considered a partner to the European Union, albeit a difficult one. Although cooperating on a range of files such as trade, energy and climate change, Russian postures on a range of issues stood in contrast to that of the EU. EU-Russia relations remained largely the same during the pandemic, i.e., not particularly good. Unsurprisingly, Russia embarked on a disinformation campaign as soon as the pandemic unfolded, targeting European states.

Despite being one of the worst-hit nations by the COVID-19 pandemic, India has not shied away from actively engaging virtually with “like-minded” nations and pursuing (green) strategic partnerships.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 19 Nov held the first-ever India-Luxembourg bilateral summit with his counterpart Xavier Bettel. This summit was the first in two decades between the countries and besides reviewing bilateral relations it focused on increasing investments. The two Prime Ministers also decided to ramp up relations in the financial sector, digital domain, green financing and space applications. They also took stock of the global situation arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even the Asian Leadership Conference 2020 on the theme 'Emerging geopolitics and economic landscape in Asia', was arranged virtually this year.

There is a further long list of events affected by COVID but, discussing the impact on every event is beyond the scope of the study. However, when the physical events have seen a massive downfall during the pandemic, the use of the online or virtual medium of events have experienced remarkable growth. The corporate and academic firms adopted a virtual medium to run the business, new product launch, and to strive during the global crisis. Some of the virtual media platforms, as well as mobile applications have achieved substantial growth in the last few months.