COVID-19 Affected Patients May Develop Dementia in Future, S
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Coronavirus has left the world astray. Loss of lives, livelihood, loved ones and all the losses are incomparable and filled with grief. There is no repair to the colossal damage done to health care centres and economic downfalls. The world’s leading countries are desperately asking for help and providing help in all possible ways.

Covid-19 has a lasting effect on the affected body. Various reports have also suggested the same. According to a new study presented at Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2021, people who have contact Covid-19 virus may suffer from dementia. They have also discovered biological markers of brain injury, brain inflammation and Alzheimer’s disease are interlinked strongly as neurological symptoms are present in Covid-19 patients.

Covid-19 symptoms which involve loss of taste, smell and ‘brain fog’ is also similar to short-term or long-term neuropsychiatric symptoms. Covid-19 is primarily a respiratory disease. According to studies done on people affected by the covid-19 virus from Greece and Argentina, older adults who have recovered from this virus still suffer from a cognitive impairment which also includes a long-term lack of smell.

According to the study, the effects differ from different age groups. The researchers say that people who are in their 30s are more likely prone to developing other issues like anxiety and depression. For people who belong to the age group of 60 and above, the study shows tendencies of forgetting and not being able to remember things. There is no definite answer to this as the study until now. However, the correlation and the interlinking of all the symptoms suggest differently.

Scientists believe that with a strong connection of symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Covid-19, the biological process of getting affected by Alzheimer has increased and is a possibility of people getting affected in the near future.