#COVID-19: How MCI can save the country ?
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Devi Shetty, a renowned cardiac surgeon, and Chairman and Founder, Narayana Health wrote, “A lot now devolves on the Medical Council of India, the apex body which controls medical education. Let me explain how MCI can save millions of precious lives just by regulatory changes.

India is perhaps the only country that, with the right strategy and execution, can match the German results. Our government is capable of commissioning 2,000 bed ICUs in every city in less than two weeks and ramping up ventilator production locally, or if required, importing them from China. India has the privilege of large government hospitals and medical college hospitals with well-spaced beds. All it needs is piped oxygen and suction which can be done in two weeks’ time. What’s missing, however, is the doctors, nurses, and paramedics. “

India is the only country in the world which, just by changing MCI regulations, can produce over 1.5 lakh doctors and specialists out of thin air. This is our greatest ammunition against the Covid-19 pandemic.

1. Over 50,000 specialist doctors are waiting to appear for the final exam in vital specialties like anesthesiology, pulmonology, cardiology, radiology, etc after spending three to six years in specialties under MCI or National Board of Examinations. Like in the US, these doctors can be given the degree “Board eligible” so that they can practice without appearing for the final exam and after passing they become “Board-certified” to become teachers.

2. There are 40,000 specialists like anesthesiologists, intensivists and emergency medicine specialists trained by the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Many years ago, MCI banned degrees from this 100-year-old institution.

3. MCI should lift the ban on fellowships offered by Society for Emergency Medicine India and Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine, and on 2,000 specialists with diploma in community cardiology from IGNOU.

4. Thousands of young doctors trained in Russia and China are waiting to clear MCI’s eligibility test. These doctors are eligible to practice in most parts of the world. MCI should give them a temporary license to work in hospitals under senior doctors.

5. Legalize telemedicine, online consultation, prescription like the rest of the world.

“The battleground will now shift from houses and streets to hospitals and ICUs. This tough battle can only be won by the young doctors and nurses. As doctors, when we struggle to save patients’ lives, in our mind it’s only about the patient, never about us. As a young surgeon many years ago, when I was scrubbing up for the first time to operate on an HIV+ patient, I had to fight an emotional battle first: In the next 10 hours with sharp needles and knife in my hand, I knew a tiny needle prick can kill me, I must protect my life first so that my wife and four young children are protected. “

“This is exactly what will be going on in the minds of doctors and nurses. We must assume that half of our doctors and nurses will not take care of Covid patients. I know in the end many of them will turn up for work. As such, we don’t have many doctors and nurses. This battle cannot be fought by senior doctors like myself because Covid is dangerous for doctors over 60. This is the reason why, perhaps for the last time in my life, I’m begging MCI to liberate medical education and empower the youth to protect the nation.”

“If we don’t do it now, we’ll be forced to beg China and Cuba to send their intensivists to save our lives, like Italy did. Remember we have at any given time over 15 lakh patients lying on hospital beds with heart attack, stroke, and cancer, we need to take care of them as well. Posterity will judge our generation based on the tough decisions we took, and smart moves we made. Now is the time for the people at MCI’s helm to put the interest of 1.3 billion people first, and make the judgment call,” said Shetty.

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Dr. X●●●●r I●●●●●●s
Dr. X●●●●r I●●●●●●s General Medicine
I think Devi Shetty has got it wrong this time, There are enough doctors and specialist available
Mar 27, 2020Like
Dr. N●●●●a G●●●a
Dr. N●●●●a G●●●a Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Its the need of the day, during war times too.NCC Cadre, Traffic police etc are called to help the forces to run the show, under guidance and norms these doctors will comeout as winner and Indias medical system will also strengthen.afterall practice makes a man perfect and this learning to work in emergency opens up young mindswell.?
Mar 28, 2020Like2
Dr. G●●●l M●●s
Dr. G●●●l M●●s General Medicine
India have enough doctors and specialist to tackle the current situation wat Dr.Shetty proposing is to be ready to face if the situation gets worsen. Dr.Shetty proposing Steps should be taken in advance to help and to support everyone. Think of the population India, have to think abt patients with heart prblm, stroke, cancer patients who needs active attention always. Along with this we have to make screening to mass population and have to help and guide for the people and need to monitor. The point is doctors we have is not enough to face the upcoming situation. Just by adding beds and building hospitals doesn’t matter we need doctors to monitor.... Read more
Mar 28, 2020Like4