COVID-19 Immunity Lasts 8 Months, Hope For Longevity Of Vacc
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People who have recovered from the novel coronavirus infection have immune memory to protect against reinfection for at least eight months, according to a new study which provides strong evidence for the likelihood that COVID-19 vaccines will work for long periods.

According to the scientists, specific cells within the immune system called memory B cells, remembers infection by the virus, and if re-exposed to the virus, triggers a protective immune response through rapid production of protective antibodies. In the study, the researchers recruited a cohort of 25 COVID-19 patients and took 36 blood samples from them from Day 4 post infection to Day 242 post infection.

The scientists found that antibodies against the virus started to drop off after 20 days post infection. However, they said all patients continued to have memory B cells that recognised one of two components of the virus the spike protein which helps the virus enter host cells, and the nucleocapsid proteins.

The researchers said these virus-specific memory B cells were stably present as far as eight months after infection. The scientists believe the findings give hope to the efficacy of any vaccine against the virus. These results are important because they show, definitively, that patients infected with the COVID-19 virus do in fact retain immunity against the virus and the disease.

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I doubt this!! We have seen cases of re infection within 15 days - 3 months of 1st incident. Also most research studies state immunity lasts only 2-3 months (which includes T cells, IgM, IgG measurements) link below. Yes most studies did not take into account the memory b cells but re-infecion is seen after 1-2 months minimum. Check out what research studies have found👇 Read more
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