COVID-19 Lungs May Be More Likely to Leak
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Pneumothorax and other barotrauma was more common in COVID-19 patients on invasive mechanical ventilation than seen for other patients on ventilators, a retrospective study showed.

In this study, clinical and imaging data of patients who tested positive for COVID-19 and experienced barotrauma associated with invasive mechanical ventilation were compared to patients without COVID-19 infection during the same period. Historical comparison was made to barotrauma rates of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) at the same institution.

Results: 601 patients with COVID-19 infection underwent invasive mechanical ventilation. There were 89/601 (15%) patients with one or more barotrauma events, for a total of 145 barotrauma events (24% overall events). During the same period, 196 patients without COVID-19 infection with invasive mechanical ventilation had 1 barotrauma event. Of 285 patients with ARDS over the prior 4 years on invasive mechanical ventilation, 28 patients (10%) had 31 barotrauma events, with overall barotrauma rate of 11%. Barotrauma is an independent risk factor for death in COVID-19 and is associated with longer hospital length of stay.

Conclusively, Patients with COVID-19 infection and invasive mechanical ventilation had a higher rate of barotrauma than patients with ARDS and patients without COVID-19 infection. Barotrauma in patients with COVID-19 infection was aslo associated with longer hospital stay and death.

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