COVID-19: MCI Issues Advisory On The Use Of MBBS Doctors
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To combat the coronavirus outbreak, the Medical Council of India recently issued an advisory to all the states including their health secretaries, department of Medical educations, the health universities as well as the respective medical colleges.

The advisory released by Dr. RK Vats Secretary MCI suggests the use of MBBS doctors by engaging them as non-PG Junior Residents and states.

" The need for augmenting the availability of MBBS doctors in medical colleges/hospitals for tackling the Covid-19 Pandemic has been expressed in certain quarters. For utilization of available doctors holding MBBS qualification and duly registered in State Medical Council, it is advised to consider engaging them as non-PG Junior Residents if so required by the Medical Colleges/Hospitals for augmenting the availability of doctors on usual terms and conditions of engaging a Junior Resident in the State in which the Medical College/Hospital is located. "

Note: Original Advisory by MCI is attached as pdf.

Source: MCI India
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Please note the words ' if so required' in the advisory; the words obviously ought to mean that if the COVID patient overload needs the extra number of doctors. I am emphasising this because if the advisory is not given the deserving interpretation, it may expose these doctors to unnecessary risks of COVID19, which further will complicate the situation.
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