COVID-19: Overuse of CT scans a cause for worry
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There is a growing concern within the medical community over the widespread prescription of CT scans for suspected Covid-19 patients by some private hospitals.

Even though a CT scan has great value in terms of detecting early pulmonary lesions or patchy signs, the imaging tool cannot alone differentiate whether the changes are caused by Covid-19 or any other medical condition.

But health officials have asked the public to not go for CT scans until absolutely necessary as only the RT-PCR test is the gold standard for detection of Covid-19.

Dr C Prabhakara Reddy, special officer of State COVID Control Centre, said that the CT scan is not a frontline investigative test for Covid-19.

“The fact is that these hospitals are sending patients for the RT-PCR test at government hospitals even after detecting changes in the CT scan. These hospitals are not even offering treatment to suspected patients who test negative in the RT-PCR following the CT scan,” Dr Reddy said.

The prescription of a CT scan can become an additional financial burden on suspected Covid-19 patients as diagnostic centres charge anything between Rs 4,000 and Rs 10,000 for the scan.

The health official further said that the chest X-ray is the best screening tool for suspected cases, contacts and mild and moderate cases. " Sending these people for a CT scan will only prove to be a double whammy for them. Medical personnel should use investigations judiciously and in a cost-effective manner.”

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