COVID-19 Status India, MOHFW - 7th April, 2020
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With 368 more new cases on Tuesday, India's novel coronavirus cases rose to 4,789, according to the Union Health Ministry data. The death toll has increased to 124, while 352 patients have been discharged or recovered from the highly contagious disease. One has migrated to another country, the data stated.

Out of the total confirmed Covid-19 cases, 70 are foreign nationals. The total number of active Covid-19 cases rose to 4,312 with Maharashtra being the worst-hit with 868 cases and 48 deaths followed by Tamil Nadu (621) and Delhi (576).

Moreover, the Press Trust of India reported that two new Covid-19 cases emerged in Mumbai's Dharavi taking the count to 7 the city's slum area. A total of 120 fresh cases emerged in the state today.

Source: MOHFW & PTI
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Dr. V●●●●●●j D●●●i Legal Medicine
I SUGGEST: open production of ESSENTIAL THINGS in factories and FARMING activities in villages (all these under strict conditions and regulations relating to avoiding outside contact with COVID19 afflicted persons) IF THE LOCKDOWN GETS EXTENDED because of compelling reasons. Please discuss STUDIOUSLY with the available DATA relating to COVID19 situation in villages. In case this (ie whatever I have suggested herein) can be allowed, impending & foreseen food stuff shortage can be avoided, and impending huge inflation & huge national loss can be reduced. INDIA IS DIFFERENT AS COMPARED TO SOME OTHER COVID19 AFFLICTED COUNTRIES IN TWO WAYS : (1)TROPICAL HOT CLIMATE PROVIDING RAPID KILLING OF THE VIRUSES IN DROPLETS & ON SURFACES, and (2)HUGE RURAL POPULATION WHICH IS RELATIVELY SPARSE & AWAY FROM THICKLY POPULATED CITIES; COVID19 IS EXPECTED TO SPREAD FASTER IN DENSE POPULATIONS.... Read more
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Only not. Steps. Above mention sufficient
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Radical measures are not necessary. SARS COV-19 is contagious and infectious. Rules placed were broken. Peaceful means than very stringent routes are better. Yield was not enough. After these, lineant than stringent rules are favorable. We are not finding llight for no education, poverty, and illiteracy.
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