COVID-19 Status in India; April 3rd by MoHFW
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India has recorded 2,301 cases of the novel coronavirus and 56 deaths, according to the health ministry's latest update at 9 am on April 3.

Out of these, 2,088 are active cases, and 156 have been cured and discharged.

With 335 cases, Maharashtra is currently the state with the highest number of reported COVID-19 infections, followed by Tamil Nadu (309) and Kerala (286). Three cases have been reported so far in Mumbai's Dharavi area, Asia's largest slum.

Globally, over 1 million cases of COVID-19 and 53,030 deaths have been recorded since the outbreak began in late 2019.

Source: MOHFW
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Is this true update ?
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Hey, this status is updated according to MOHFW as of 3rd April, 9AM. Thanks
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