COVID-19 is a war on two fronts
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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, healthcare workers are on the front lines of the battle against it. Here's an article by one of the frontliner Clarissa Barnes, MD, Internal medicine physician.

"I’m exhausted. The mental toll of dealing with COVID-19 has started to wear on me. But one of the most stressful aspects of practicing medicine right now is the unexpected second front—the propagation of information from an increasingly vocal group of people who think the dangers of COVID-19 are imagined or manufactured."

"Many of my colleagues are at the frontlines. We’ve worked long hours in a sea of constant change, fighting an unknown enemy that seems to be constantly changing, with tools that are less-tested than we’re used to. We’ve separated ourselves from our families to protect them. Most of this we do without complaint."

"What I didn’t anticipate was what happened when I came home. Few posts claiming that physicians were deliberately killing patients or that the virus was manufactured to set up a payday for an already existing vaccine. Yet other posts indicate that because many of the deceased are older or had other health problems, there is no reason for themselves as younger, healthy people to change their behaviors. Pictures abound on my feed and in real life of large social gatherings with no respect for social distancing or universal masking. My social media feed had become an unexpected second front."

"Every time I see such posts, it feels like salt in the wounds. How can anyone believe these stories when they’ve seen what I’ve seen? Life at the frontlines of medicine is hard right now. But the physicians, nurses, and other frontline workers endure them because taking care of others during some of the worst moments of their lives is a core value for us."

"However, we can’t fight a war on two fronts. It is disheartening to spend our days fighting COVID-19 and then come home to find people sharing stories, videos, and posts about how none of our efforts matter. If you want to know what’s really happening out there, please just ask. I, and thousands like me, will be happy to tell you."

U2 said it best in their song Ordinary Love:
“I can’t fight you anymore.
It’s you I’m fighting for.”
-Ordinary Love by U2

This article is written by Dr. Clarissa Barnes, an internal medicine physician.

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