COVID-19 may manifest in the mouth in some patients- JAMA St
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You can add enanthem, or a rash inside the body, such as in the mouth, to the ever-lengthening list of symptoms with which COVID-19 patients can present, researchers in Spain suggested.

Six of 21 patients with an exterior skin rash also had these lesions, which seemed to appear about 2 weeks after symptom onset, reported researchers in JAMA Dermatology.

Enanthem was located on the palate in all patients, and three of six were macular with petechiae, while two were petechial and one was macular. No patient had an erythematovesicular enanthem, the authors noted. They also said the latency was shorter in patients with petechial enanthem versus macular lesions with petechiae appearance.

The authors noted that five of six patients had petechiae as part of the enanthem, which is consistent with prior research. Also, two patients with petechial lesions developed them "2 days before and 2 days after" the onset of COVID-19 symptoms, meaning an association with drug intake was "unlikely."

The authors acknowledged the small number of cases in their series, but still concluded that "the presence of enanthem is a strong clue that suggests a viral etiology rather than a drug reaction, especially when a petechial pattern is observed."

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This doesn' t prove that it is actually linked with covid19. Let me give you an example. I once had common cold and at the same time fugi attacked me so, i cannot say that it was linked with flu.
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Looks more like koplik spots of measles’s
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