COVID TOES - New Symptom Of Covid-19 : First some dermatol
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Dipanjan Das
COVID TOES - New Symptom Of Covid-19 :

First some dermatologists in Italy found it. Now, it is being reported in USA. There is sudden surge in the cases similar to frostbite among kids in the areas severely affected by Covid-19. This novel symptom is named as "covid toes".

* Doctors are warning that frostbite like symptoms may be Covid-19.

* Dermatologists in Italy found sudden surge in inflammation in toes.

# Dermatologists in Europe and USA are discussing a new potential symptom to identify Covid-19 patient, particularly if the novel corona virus has infected kids and young adults. Some dermatologists in Italy found an inflammation of toes and feet and discoloration of the organ of those suffering from Covid-19. This condition is much like frostbite or pernio, which is a condition found among people living in harsh winters in polar, sub polar regions. Here blood vessels in the toes get aggravated inflammation and toes tend to have serious spasm.

- Now, the same 'Covid toes' condition is being reported from areas severely hit by novel corona virus pandemic in the US.

# Doctors associated with the American Academy of Dermatology are now recommending corona virus tests for kids visiting them with "COVID TOES".
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