COVID patients were most commonly readmitted to hospital for
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This Retrospective cohort study aimed to describe clinical characteristics of patients with COVID-19 who returned to the emergency department (ED) or required readmission within 14 days of discharge.

-- Of 2864 discharged patients, 103 (3.6%) returned for emergency care after a median of 4.5 days, and 56 requiring inpatient readmission.
-- The most common reason for return was respiratory distress (50%).
-- Compared to patients who did not return, there were higher proportions of COPD and hypertension among those who returned.
-- Patients who returned also had a shorter median length of stay (LOS) during index hospitalization, and were less likely to have required intensive care on index hospitalization.
-- A trend towards association between absence of in-hospital treatment-dose anticoagulation on index admission and return to hospital was also observed.
-- On readmission, rates of intensive care and death were 5.8% and 3.6%, respectively.

Conclusively, Return to hospital after admission for COVID-19 was infrequent within 14 days of discharge. The most common cause for return was respiratory distress. Patients who returned more likely had COPD and hypertension, shorter LOS on index-hospitalization, and lower rates of in-hospital treatment-dose anticoagulation. Future studies should focus on whether these comorbid conditions, longer LOS, and anticoagulation are associated with reduced readmissions.

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