CT Optimization for Diagnosis of Some Acute Abdomen Cases
The acute abdomen may be defined generally as an intra-abdominal process causing severe pain and often requiring medical or surgical intervention. The acute abdomen is a frequent entity at the Emergency Department, the acute abdomen may be life threatening and so rapid diagnosis of patients presenting with acute abdominal pain is required.

Diagnostic work-up with imaging can consist of plain X-ray, ultrasonography (US), computed tomography (CT) and even diagnostic laparoscopy. During the last decade, a trend towards increased use of computed tomography in patients with abdominal pain can be seen . In general, acute abdominal pain is responsible for about 10% of total number of patients visiting the emergency. Quick and precise diagnosis for the urgent cases is usually vital for treatment .Medical imaging is commonly used for the diagnosis of most acute abdomenpain. Abdomen and pelvis are reviewed by CT scan. Specifically, in cases of acute abdomen complain .The sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy of unenhanced helical CT are 96.0%, 95.1%, and 95.6%, respectively. But, radiograph series of acute abdominal was reported to have an overall sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy of 30.0%, 87.8%, and 56%, respectively.

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