Cabinet okays ART Bill, 2020 to regulate Rs 3,000 crore fert
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The Cabinet on Wednesday cleared the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Regulation Bill, 2020 proposing a legal framework and code of conduct to keep a check on in vitro fertilisation, embryo transfers and sperm banks — a set of infertility related services and industry that is mushrooming rapidly.

The bill proposes a fine of up to Rs 10 lakh for anyone indulging in sale of embryo or trafficking at the first instance, and jail term of up to 12 years after that. It seeks to establish a national registry and registration authority which will be applicable to all medical professionals and clinics operating or providing services in the field of ART.

The bill prohibits sex determination and sex selection. It also contains provisions to ensure confidentiality of the donor as well as the recipient of such services

The bill also envisages setting up a national board and a state board to help implement the legal framework. Besides, it proposes to create a central database of all clinics and banks across the country. ''The database will also include detailed information about services like the nature of the method through which the outcome is achieved'', minister for women and child development (WCD) Smriti Irani said after the Cabinet meeting.

The nod for the ART bill comes on the heels of the parliamentary committee recommendations on the Surrogacy Regulation Bill in Rajya Sabha and the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Amendment Bill, 2020, approved by the Cabinet last month..

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I' m seriously not okay with this law even though I haven' t completely read through, so inhuman to ask sex determination no for educated people and no sex selection and what secrecy will be kept, let us see, time will only tell, utter nonsense this is. With all this, what they have achieved, still they are continuing to have sexes according to their whims and fancies, village ladies or city dunances.
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Let us all remember this forever : government generally does not interfere in medical matters, unless gross abuse is reported through some ways, whereupon some legislation comes into effect to try to control the reported irregularities. It is upto us to maintain the sanctity of our deeds. So far, we have been doing wonderful work because of which our profession is still called noble. In case some eventuality bothers you and if I can be of help, my phone no is 9021267537; not for chats please; only if a legal case is bothering you.... Read more
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