Can Face Masks Impact Your Oxygen Intake Or Cause Carbon Dio
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While wearing face masks or face coverings is absolutely non-negotiable when you are stepping out in public or coming in close contact with non-household members, we can agree that they are not exactly comfortable.

Amidst growing concern about the impact of medical masks on oxygen intake and the build-up of carbon dioxide, the World Health Organization says: "The prolonged use of medical masks when properly worn, does not cause CO2 intoxication nor oxygen deficiency."

"While wearing a medical mask, make sure it fits properly and that it is tight enough to allow you to breathe normally. Do not re-use a disposable mask and always change it as soon as it gets damp."

In fact, echoing the sentiments of the global health agency, Dr Mehmet Oz, who is a cardiothoracic surgeon in Columbia, had put out a video “quashing” rumours that face masks affect the oxygen levels.

In the video, Dr Oz is seen measuring his oxygen saturation both before and after wearing a surgical mask and an N-95 respirator using a pulse oximeter.

His saturation levels seem to be unchanged during the entire experiment.

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Dr. K●●●l K●●●●e General Medicine
Then why so some doctors (including me) complain of headache after prolonged use of mask? There must be something that causes it.
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May be because of pain ? Elastic strings of the mask cause pain
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Good information about General prectioner
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